War is Hell
by Stephen A. Koeniger, April, 2003

War is Hell we hear them say,
some will die, many will pay.
What price, what cost, what toll to take,
in retrospect and after-wake.

Some exclaim we should not fight,
for our beliefs, for what is right.
Forgive our foes they strongly say.
Leave us along at night they pray.

We will not cower like timid sheep
and pray no bully shall us seek.
We'll stand and fight with all our might
for flag, for country, for people's rights.

Are we wrong or are we right?
History books will tell our plight.
Apostrophize as some may say
why we must go to war today.

We know that war is hell to pay,
for all it touches day by day.
Still it may be a way, one tact
to end tyranny, stop terrorist acts.

Stars shine bright against blue sky
stripes red and white go waving by.
Though dark and long the desert night,
we'll fight till wrongs turn to daylight.

We'll hope that many days will come
before we must pick up our guns.
We love our peace and harmony.
Americans proud, we're strong and free.