The AMVETS Post, in its own community anywhere in the nation, is the basic unit of the AMVETS Organization. Posts vary in size from the newly chartered, with a minimum of 10 members, to more than 2,000. Each Post conducts its local programs and participates in the AMVETS State Department and the National Organizational activities. To be eligible for membership in AMVETS, all that is required is that you have served in the Armed Forces of the United States at anytime after September 15, 1940, including wartime merchant marines (with DD214) and members of the National Guard and the reserves, and either have an HONORABLE DISCHARGE (as evidenced by a DD Form 214) or be presently on duty, either Active Duty, Reserve or Guard.

There is no requirement that you ever served in a combat area or combat theatre. In fact, your service could have been entirely during time of peace, and you would still be eligible. Now tell me, how much more open could any membership eligibility be for a Veterans' Organization?

Membership dues vary from Post to Post. As of the 2015 membership season, the National portion of the annual member's dues will be $15.00. Add to that the Dept portion of the dues and the Post dues. The dues in the AMVETS Department of Alaska are $10.00. And for Post 2 in Anchorage, the Post portion is $10.00. That makes the total dues (for a member of Post 2, Anchorage) $35.00. Life Membership dues for Post 2 are $250.00.

Annual memberships expire on 31 August  of each year. However, the membership drive for any year officially starts on 1 June. 

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