The following poem was written on 17 Oct 2007 by First Lieutenant Courtney Michelle Steffen from Elmendorf AFB, stationed in Iraq,  following the memorial service for  Justin Monschke, a Green Beret that they were working with who died on a mission a few days earlier. This is dedicated to the men of the Special Forces.

Ex Umbris

O, the sacrifice of a soldier

the masses ne'er shall know

'cept those oppressed who saw him

draw his arrow taut to bow.

For only those who suffer grasp

the soldier's will to fight

the fortitude, the courage keen

their victor who stalks the night.

Yea, the mighty fall from time to time

still, the oppressed will defend:

Ne'er a profession so noble

as to ensure the freedom of men.

Courtney Michelle Steffen, 1Lt, USAF